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This topic is aimed to helping all of you who intend to visit or pass through our country. It consists of some basic road code hints, important numbers and the coordinates of the local Opel/Vauxhall dealers. In the future we will add some more helpful info, so if you plan to travel to BG, check this topic first.

Road code

Almost similar to the rest of Europe. Right side movement, EU identical roadsigns. You need a road tax vignette sticker for driving on all extra-urban roads. There are three validity types - 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. They can be found at all major petrol stations and post offices. Prices by today for the K3 category (cars, vans, etc. light vehicles) are: for 1 week - 10 lv. (~EUR 5,12), for 1 month - 25 lv. (~EUR 12,80), for 1 year - 67 lv. (~EUR 34,36).

Speed limits:

Urban: 50km/h (~31mph), unless stated otherwise
Extra-urban: 90km/h (~55mph), unless stated otherwise
Highways: 130km/h (~80mph), unless stated otherwise. Highways are marked with the standard EU signs.

NB: There are many additional speed limits marked by signs. Try to always drive according to them.

Police control

The road regulations in BG are primarilly controlled by patrols. Usually two officers per car, wearing reflecting vests, marked Полиция/Police on the back. In some of the major cities there are speed and red-light cameras. Some speed cameras are stationed along the highways and extra-urban roads. Beware, there are no obligatory signs marking the positions of the cameras, nor the patrols!
The most common type of patrol car in BG is the Opel Astra G (MK4), usually white (can be red, blue or navy). Also it's possible to see some Astra H/MK5, Citroen Picasso MK1's, BMW 3-series, Porsche 911 on the highway, and very rarely some Lada's.

NB: The officers are obliged to stop you only using their special stop-sign (white, with a red circle inside). When pulled up, you are to stay in the car unless the police officer asks you to step out. At night you can be only pulled up in lighted areas, if the police attempts to stop you at dark places, you are not obliged to stop, in which case it is a good idea to stop in the nearest populated area and inform the local police. This is done for the safety of the drivers due to some criminal accidents in the past. The use of standard radar detectors and navi systems with marked control locations is not forbidden.

Additional rules

  • The use of OEM DRL's or Low Beams is obligatory on all winter months, but it is a good idea to always use them.
  • Seatbelts are obligatory for all seats (front and rear).
  • Non_OEM tinted windows are forbidden. The maximum possible tint is 75% visibility for the windscreen and 75% for the rear side windows (only if the car is fitted with side mirrors).
  • The maximum allowed alcohol in the blood is 0.5 per mil. This is controlled by mobile device test on site.
  • Your car should be always equipped with a reflective vest, standard medi-kit (any OEM would do), spare lightbulbs kit and a standard fire extinguisher.
  • The use of mobile phones while driving is strictly forbidden. All drivers should use handsfree devices or car-kits.

Important numbers

112 - EU standard Emergency hotline. This is the recommended number for all emergencies.
150 - Medical Emergency
166 - Police
160 - Fire Emergency
146 - Road help (by UBA)

Mobile networks

M-Tel (Mobiltel) - a Vodafone partner
Globul - a Cosmote partner

Opel/Vauxhall dealers


Bulvaria West
Address: 84, Orion Str.
Tel.: +359 2 926 77 88
Email: opel@bulvaria.bg

Bulvaria East
Address: 65, Kliment Ohridski
Tel.: +359 2 868 12 63;
Email: service2@bulvaria.bg

Sofia Auto
Address: 239, Botevgradsko Shosse
Tel.: +359 2 816 3637
Email: office@sofiaauto.bg

Generous Auto
Address: 8D, Byalo Pole Str.
Tel.: +359 2 80 888;
Email: opel@gauto.bg

Generous Auto 2
Address: 99, Proffesor Cvetan Lazarov
Tel.: +359 2 80 80 400;
Email: office2@gauto.bg

Address: 2A, Al. Malinov
Tel.: +359 2 975 3840; +359 888 888 647;
Email: office@automax-bg.com


Stefanov Motors
Address: Golyamo Konarsko Shosse/153, Vassil Aprilov
Tel.: +359 32 511 511;
Email: office@opelstefanov.com

Ilina Car Company Ltd. (service-only)
Address: Peshtersko Shosse (300m after the intersection with Elin Pelin Str.)
Tel.: +359 32 242 185;
Email: service@ilinacar.com


Ilina Car Company Ltd.
Address: 103, Plovdivsko Shosse
Tel.: +359 034 44 68 92;
Email: office@ilinacar.com


Address: 7, Yan Huniadi
Tel.: +359 52 574 109;
Email: opel@cargoexpress.bg


Address: 3, Proffessor Yakimov Str.
Tel.: +359 56 585 114;
Email: office@bovaholding.com

Generous Auto
Address: "7th kilometer" area
Tel.: +359 56 80 8888;
Email: office2@gauto.bg

Stara Zagora

Auto Via
Address: 032018, Novozagorsko shosse
Tel.: +359 42 282 020;
Email: autoviasz@gmail.com


Poli Auto
Address: 90, Saedinenie
Tel.: +359 38 606 406;
Email: office@poly-auto.com


Olympia Auto
Address: 10, Bansko Shosse
Tel.: +359 44 663 065
Email: office@olympia-auto.net


Address: 155, Treti Mart
Tel.: +359 82 550 003
Email: office@avtosviat.bg


Sofia Auto
Address: 61, Vasil Levski
Tel.: +359 73 889 3000;
Email: officegd@sofiaauto.bg

Veliko Tarnovo

Onix Auto
Address: 29, Magistralna Str.
Tel.: +359 62 628 095;
Email: onyxauto@infotel.bg

We wish you a safe travel in Bulgaria!

The Opel Club Bulgaria Team

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