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International Section Rules

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Shades снимка Shades 18 януари 2012 - 00:40

Like all forums on the web, Opel Club Bulgaria has a set of rules we kindly ask you to abide by when using our board.

1.Common Rules

1.1. By participating in the Opel Club Bulgaria forum, every user agrees to follow the board rules. Every user is liable to receive the appropriate penalties for deviating from them.

1.2. This board is the official forum of Opel Club Bulgaria and as such is primarily targeted towards topics discussing the Opel/Vauxhall brand.

1.3. The registration of multiple accounts for one user is strictly forbidden. The following penalty is deleting of all the profile accounts and ban from the board.

1.4. For the activation of new accounts, it’s necessary for the user to fill in all the details according to the given template (Location, Model, Engine code etc.) If there are any questions regarding the profile templates, please contact any staff member.

1.5. The International section of the board is free to write in any language but it’s most likely to receive fast replies if you write in English.

1.6. When posting, please do it in understandable manner, using normal characters. CAPITAL LETTERS are considered “yelling” and would not be tolerated.

1.7. We advise you, when communicating with the other members, to keep respectful tone. Disagreeing can be done in civilized manner, without insulting the opposite person.

1.8. Please do not start topics or posts disrespectful to other brands, which are not backed by technical info. Avatars and signatures containing the above are also forbidden.

1.9. SPAM in all shapes and sizes is forbidden. One-word posts, emoticon-only posts, rambling etc. will be deleted and the author given the appropriate penalty.

1.10. Please do not quote posts without need, or quote only the necessary part regarding your answer thus reducing the forum load time for the users with slower connections.

1.11. All personal conversations and topics are to be held in P.M. (personal messages).

1.12. All topics and posts conflicting with Bulgarian or European law, racist, pornographic or proclamating hatred towards other people are strictly forbidden!

1.13. We advise you not to take matters in your own hands if conflicted. Please use the Report („Докладвай“ in Bulgarian) button to alert the staff.

1.14. All pictures, topics and posts are property of their author. If you intend to repost them, please ask the author’s permission first.

1.15. The “Opel Club Bulgaria” (Опел Клуб България) name and the club logo are registered by BG/EU law and as such any unauthorized use is considered outlawed.

2. Moderation and Penalties

2.1. Failing to comply with any of the above rules will be controlled by the staff members.

2.2. Staff members are responsible for maintaining the friendly and respectful spirit of communication between the users, as well as for sanctioning the violating users.

2.3. The penalties for failing to comply with the rules are:

2.3.1. Warning – the current warning level of any user is measured in % (10-90).

2.3.2. Moderation review/Temporary posting restriction – the sanctioned user’s post are disabled temporarily or are visible only after a review by a staff member.

2.3.3. Temporary account restriction – the user is unabled to use his/hers account for a given period of time.

2.3.4. Permanent BAN – the account of the user is disabled permanently (may also be combined with disabling all the registrations from the user’s IP address).
2.4. If a user is sanctioned without any reasonable cause, he/she may contact the staff to try and clear the situation. Any unjust penalties and sanctions are subject of immediate reversal.

All the above rules and sanctions are completely unnecessary if the communication is done in a mature, friendly and responsible manner. Have a good time!

Thank you for reading this,
The OCB Team

* Opel Club Bulgaria reserves the right to change the rules and sanctions without notice

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