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Welcome to the International Section of Opel Club Bulgaria! Оценяване на темата: -----

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Welcome to the official Opel Club of Bulgaria!

We are the largest Opel/Vauxhall community in Bulgaria, established more than 8 year ago by a few Opel enthusiasts. Today there are more than 18000 users and we are still growing! Through the years we have turned this community to the "go to" Bulgarian place for everything Opel/Vauxhall related. Our mission is to bring the world of the favourite brand, as closer as possible, to people who care about it. Interesting and helpful topics, hot news directly from GM Media, Facebook community page, Google+ page, official blog, YouTube channel, promotions from supporting companies and much more! We organise an annual Opel meeting with lots of races, music, games ... and, of course barbeques and sensible ammount of beer!

The International section was created to ease the interaction with other Opel/Vauxhall fan communities and individuals from around the World. It is divided in two sections: "General" and "Club Meets and Events". The first one is used for all general topics from International users. You can ask a question, find a friend, tell us something or just say "Hi!". The second section is for invitations and information about Opel/Vauxhall meetings arround the Globe. Also, this is the place where we will provide more information (dates, times) about our annual meeting.

How to use the English interface of the board

When browsing or posting, it's quite possible for you to be confused by our native cyrillic interface. You can easily switch to English from our skin interface drop-down menu. It's located on the bottom of every board page. The language is selected from the second menu box. We've added an examplary picture for your convinience.

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Other Opel Club Bulgaria links:

Facebook group

Google+ group

OCB Blog (sorry, still in Bulgarian only)

Official YouTube Channel

Before starting you may check the following threads:

OCB International section rules - a small set of rules and guidances which would make your time here easier and enjoyable.

Bulgaria, a drivers' guide - some handy information if you plan a trip or a visit to our country

Thank you for joining our friendly community! We wish you a nice forum experience!

The Opel Club Bulgaria Team

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